Bridges & Books is one of the first and only teen literature podcasts created and hosted by teens and for teens.  The podcast features teen-hosted interviews with New York Times Bestselling, award-winning, and acclaimed authors of teen literature.  Developed in Pittsburgh, the podcast aims to put the teen back in "teen literature."


Bridges & Books is a team of diverse teen readers, writers, and creators committed to championing teen voices and highlighting teen stories.  We aim to achieve this purpose by creating a podcast for teens that spotlights diverse teen literature, amplifies authors from historically marginalized backgrounds, and celebrates the perspectives and voices of real teens.  By achieving our purpose, we believe we can create a safe environment that encourages teens to cultivate empathy through reading, develop a passion for writing their own stories, connect with their peers, and share their opinions of teen literature.


Bridges & Books seeks to become one of the first teen literature podcasts created by teens and for teens by focusing on authenticity and amplifying the voices and stories of diverse teen readers, writers, and creators. 


Bridges & Books will be guided by our commitment to: 


We value diversity and equity, and we seek to highlight diverse stories and creators.  We work to recognize and address our unconscious biases and encourage others to do the same. 


We respect each other and work to recognize and understand the thoughts and feelings of people from all backgrounds. 


We hope to create a safe community where people from all backgrounds can connect and find common ground. 


We believe in honesty and genuine communication.  We are committed to the truth. 


We are open-minded, non-judgmental, and welcome new ideas and opinions.